The old ways do not longer apply

Certified coach/counsellor (-> 2008)
Innovator, (international) -problem solver, -consultant, -manager, -leader and -entrepreneur (>30 years)
Improvement Counselling
Personal counselling for professionals and Leaders who must change or experience road blocks in their work. Follow Leadership vlogs on
Career & Job Counselling
Counseling that helps you in discovering your dream and how to reach this dream.
It starts with your with your competences and likings, looks into your dreams and define how you can make your dream a reality.
Business Mentor & Consulting
In a changing world your business needs to innovate, change en grow. Business Menrtoring is about how you can adjust your company to these changes.
Business mentoring can be so much as hands on help in reviewing your strategical plans and tactics and operations, even consulting if needed.
Sometimes is on a personal level, sometimes is all about your company.
Focus is on growing. Adjusting your business in exporting your services, making deals on reselling, partnerships, setting up local departments, sourcing, cloud and more.
Working as an SMB or local business with a corporate can be tricky. With some help things can be more successful without loosing you identity of agility.
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Though my network there is always a best fit on your needs.
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